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Super slimmer Lynn Palfreyman is enjoying a new life as a foster carer after shedding the pounds to drop from a size 22 to a size 16.

Devoted Lynn is loving having the extra energy to care for children since losing the weight through a programme run by Zeal Health.

The 56-year-old knew she needed to improve her health in order to pass a GP health assessment which is part of the process of becoming a foster carer. But after a lifetime of never being able to lose weight below 15-and-a-half stone, Lynn knew she needed help along the way.


In May last year she attended the course, which focuses on nutrition and changing food behaviour.

A year on and she has managed to keep the weight off.

Lynn, from Beighton, Sheffield, said: “Going to the workshops turned my life around.

“I now understand how my body works and that food is fuel for the body - not just need and desire.

“Something just clicked with me and I have overcome my addiction to sweet things.

“I can have the occasional treat and still stay in control, whereas before I couldn’t get enough of sugary foods.

Speaking of her battles with her weight, Lynn added: “I have tried to diet all my life and now the weight is at last coming off.

“I have gone from a size 22 to a size 16.

“I was just under 16 stone and now I’m 12 stone 12 pounds.”

Her weight loss allowed her to pass her health assessment and become a foster carer - giving her a new lease of life.

Said Lynne: “It’s great to be foster caring. “I love children and having the extra energy to do the job well is an added bonus.

She added: “I still do a double-take when I pass a mirror and see my smaller frame!”

A one-day intensive Zeal Health workshop will be held in South Yorkshire on Saturday, September 17.

n Log on to or call Zeal on 01302 710 668.

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