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Super slimmer Lynn Palfreyman is enjoying a new life as a foster carer after shedding the pounds to drop from a size 22 to a size 16.

Devoted Lynn is loving having the extra energy to care for children since losing the weight through a programme run by Zeal Health.

The 56-year-old knew she needed to improve her health in order to pass a GP health assessment which is part of the process of becoming a foster carer.

One in 10 adults in the world is obese according to a study published in The Lancet

In the UK, men have the sixth highest BMI (body mass index) in Europe. UK women have the ninth highest BMI in Europe.

“Imagine eating if you want to lose weight,” The Guardian has suggested. The newspaper said psychologists have found that simply imagining eating high-calorie food, such as chocolate, can reduce your appetite and help you lose weight.

“Men and women with large waists are at increased risk of dying young,” BBC News has reported. The article said that people with a large gut all have the same risk of early death, regardless of whether their body mass index (BMI) is healthy.

“Getting sweaty in your spare time means you’ll be twice as likely to stave off depression than someone who doesn’t,” the Daily Mirror has reported. However, the newspaper says that the link only exists when people get active for their own leisure, but not when doing a physically demanding job.