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Eczema is a skin condition that is often itchy. It is characterised by flaking or rough skin that may be cracked or weepy. It can affect any part of the body but the face, hands and creases of limbs such as elbows and backs of the knees are very common areas for eczema to develop. Itchy ears can be due to eczema in the ear.


Many people are aware of some triggers for their eczema but in order to control their condition as much as possible, it is important to make changes such as through diet and lifestyle. Our one-day eczema workshops look at the difficulties arising through eczema, triggers for eczema developing and how to nurture your skin.

Causes for eczema

Dietary and lifestyle factors are major causes for eczema developing. Food intolerances, imbalances of fatty acids in the body, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal changes can all be linked to eczema. Stress plays a huge part in eczema developing and in flare-ups. Whilst we can’t avoid stress, it is important to identify what causes it and how to manage it more effectively. Our workshops teach you techniques to manage the emotional minefield of eczema and look at the dietary causes. We also show you complementary therapy techniques to help you to take control of your skin.

Cure for eczema

There is no one cure for eczema but many strategies to help you heal and soothe your skin. The causes of eczema are varied and different ones affect different people. Many people have multiple triggers which can make it very difficult to identify what is causing it. You can take control of your health and understand more about what your body needs to restore balance through our one-day interactive workshops.